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It all makes sense now. Keep jamming out to those giant slugs. 

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We’ve seen garbage turned into art, but have you ever seen it turned into a family photo? Look as these families pose with a weeks worth of their own garbage. 

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It’s not your grandma’s cross-stitch…Check out the happy and bright street art that’s popping up around France. 

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We want one of these…This backpack turns into a raincoat without even having to take it off. Protection for your stuff and you without even having to get off your bike when the rain starts. Genius.

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Watch this and try not to have your creative juices flow.

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This is a project worth trying. No excuses. Excuses aren’t happy. 

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$22,000 of awesome. That’s decluttering. 

What 24 Game of Thrones characters would look like if they lived in the 80s and 90s. 

Adding social media icons to the works of Edward Hopper is surprisingly fascinating. See more of Nastya Nudnik’s work here

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